How to Recycle old paint, hazardous materials, batteries and other things.  

can assist you with finding the right place to dispose of these materials.
They accept – cardboard, cell phone/ electronics, plastic.

Located at 1321 Eisenhower Street.  

CFL’s -Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Home Depot – (Free) 11180 Abercorn St. – (912) 921-0158
Lowes – (Free) 11114 Abercorn St. – (912) 927-0000

Take to front desk a couple at a time.

Batteries Plus – (Free) 7170 Hodgson Memorial Dr. – (912) 352-0650
Fluorescent Lamps -Long fluorescent tubes

Waste Management – (Not Free)
From their web site, order a container for the size and number of tubes you have.

When container arrives, pack up tubes and mail back to Waste Management.

Old Medicine – Outdated or Unused Medicine

Walgreen’s – ($2.99)  5701 Ogeechee Rd or  125 Johnny Mercer Blvd, 700 DeRenne Drive.   Ask for their specially designed “Take Away” Bag to dispose of your outdated or unused medicine. Securely seal the Walgreen’s “Take Away” Bag and drop into any US Postal mailbox. It will go to a medicine incinerator.

Georgia Southern - Armstrong – (Free) 11935 Abercorn St -(912) 344-2603
There is a prescription drop-off box at campus police dept.

Medicine can be in or out of containers.

Old Paint

Yourself by Solidification Disposal – (Free)
Make the liquid solid by adding sawdust or kitty litter. Double line a garbage can with plastic garbage bags and add the paint and dry material. Let sit until material solidifies. Tie up bag & place in regular garbage.

Work outside, don’t make bag too heavy to handle, wear gloves, keep away from kids & pets.

Home Depot – ($2.00) 11180 Abercorn St. – (912) 921-0158

Paint hardener “HOMOX”.
Work outside, don’t make bag too heavy to handle, wear gloves, keep away from kids & pets.

Chatham Paint Center – (Cost Varies) 1116 E Montgomery Cross Rd.
(912) 355-3277 Website:

Flammable Liquids – Gas/Paint Thinner
Yourself by Evaporation Method – (Free)
ACCORDING TO GA EPD: If small amountremains,, open the container & let evaporate. If greater amount, get disposable metal tray & pour liquid 1/2 inch deep into tray. Let evaporate. Continue process until all gone. When complete, wrap tray in newspapers & place in sturdy trash bag & dispose in household trash. Work outside. Keep away from kids & pets.

Savannah Police Department
(Free) 201 Habersham St. – (912) 651-6675

MOST GUN SHOPS WILL TAKE OLD AMMO: Call in advance to make sure the police officer who handles ammunition is on duty.

The Gun Shop – 203 Eisenhower Dr – (912) 691-0151
They reclaim brass from rifle shells and use old shotgun shells in test firing.
Shells last for 40 yrs.

Waste Tires - Car tires
JJ Tire Center – ($3.00 each) 3701 Ogeechee Rd – (912) 447-0111

Deliver tires to their location - Georgia Approved Scrap Tire Processors

Recovered Materials, Inc/Diversified Industry – Processor ID: 003-001-STP
U.S. Hwy 1 South Alma GA 31510 – (912) 632-4751

Quality Tire Recycling Inc – Processor ID: 018-002-STP
465 Mallet Street Jackson GA 30233 – (770) 775-3304

Tillman’s Scrap Tire Company – Processor ID: 049-001-STP
1195 Sawyer Rd Blakely GA 39823 – (229) 723-6826
Single Stream  Recycling in Savannah
What to put in the Yellow Top Bins

  • Cardboard (broken down)
  • Pastice bottles (no lids)
  • Clean Plastic (no food waste)
  • Newspapers / Paper
Chatham County Resource Page
Didn't find what you are looking for?
This link offers  a list of further resources
throughout Savannah.
Savannah Office of Sustainability
The Office of Sustainability provides services to promote a healthy environment and community lifestyle for citizens, encourage community engagement, provide operational cost savings through efficiency and compliance support, and conserve natural resources
for current and future generations.

More Thoughts and Resources from
​Savannah Green Guide

Waste not, want not. Resources in Savannah make it possible for you to both recycle waste and compost leftover food at you event’s end. However, the best possible alternative is minimizing waste from the start. Waste minimization efforts help reduce the amount of trash that needs to be recycled and cuts down on material use, the energy required to produce it, and the extra fuel for transporting it to your event.
There are a variety of measures that can be taken when planning your event to reduce the overall amount of waste generated.
Waste Minimization
The use of glass or china plates, cups, and glasses (for options see page 29) prevents the consumption of resources needed to recycle plastic dishware. While china still needs to be washed, it takes significantly less energy and water than the recycling process does. Along a similar vein, cloth napkins reduce paper waste. The same is true for reusable coasters, preferred over cocktail napkins. If paper napkins cannot be avoided, postconsumer recycled paper is a solid option (more on this on page 29). Consider ordering product in bulk to reduce packaging. This includes items such as condiments, which can be served from larger containers rather than individual servings. If you and your guests are staying at a hotel, instruct staff to not replace consumables (soaps, shampoo, etc.) each day unless they are empty. While these actions may seem insignificant, cumulatively they have a significant impact.

Recycling is one of the most basic and visible actions you can have at your green event. These days, no event could be labeled ‘green’ without available recycling. Recycling in Savannah has become easier in the past few years with the addition of numerous private firms that provide the service as well as the single stream recycling program available from the City of Savannah. The single stream means you don’t have to sort materials into different bins. All recyclable materials – paper, plastic, cardboard, cans, and glass – can go into one bin while trash goes into another.

City of Savannah
14 Interchange Court
Savannah, Georgia 31415
Phone: 912-651-1967 or call 311

The City of Savannah will provide bins for recycling at events. The event is responsible for pickup of the bins as well as returning the bins and the materials to the Recycling Complex.

Fisher Recycling
Phone: 303-263-2762
Fisher Recycling provides commercial and residential recycling services with a focus on restaurants, hotels, and offices. Fisher has also provided recycling at large events such as Octoberfest on River Street and the Snug Harbor Fireworks in Hilton Head. Free waste audits are also available to businesses.

Footprint Savannah
Phone: 912-713-3577
Footprint Savannah recognized the need for single-stream commercial recycling and has developed a friendly and affordable service to collect a variety of materials from restaurants and bars, hotels, offices, receptions and special events, and golf courses. Their mission is to educate, encourage, and involve Savannah businesses in the opportunities to redirect and recycle post-consumer waste and provide them with a simple, efficient recycling solution. They hope to reduce the amount of commercial waste that ends up in local landfills and offer conscientious companies the chance to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

Tree Frog Recycling
Phone: 912-272-4817
Tree Frog Recycling primarily focuses on household and business recycling but can provide event specific recycling services, including bins and hauling off the materials.

Composting is a great strategy for waste minimization. It is an easy way to prevent yard and food waste from ending up in a landfill. Compost is a fantastic material and is extremely rich in nutrients. It is used as a natural soil amendment and can significantly increase the yields from your garden or farm.
If you have a significant amount of leftover food the best way to dispose of it is to donate the leftovers to local organizations that feed the needy, such as Second Harvest Food Bank, the Savannah City Mission, or Grow-Eat-Repeat

Oyster Shells
Given that we live in the Lowcountry, oyster shells deserve their own category. Oyster roasts result in hundreds of pounds of shells that can be collected, bagged, and used to create both new oyster habitats and stabilize stream banks against erosion. Recycle shells from private roasts, restaurants, or catering groups by visiting one of the drop-off centers or by calling the UGA Marine Extension Service to organize a shell collection.
Oyster Shell Drop-Off Locations: The three main shell recycling centers are located on Tybee Island, Jekyll Island, and Brunswick. Shell drop-off trailers will also be available at Sea Island and Richmond Hill.
Jekyll Island Shell Recycling Center
South Riverview Drive
Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:00 am. – 2:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday from daylight to noon
Tybee Island Shell Recycling Center
Polk Street, Tybee Island Public Works
Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
UGA Marine Extension Service
Shellfish Research Laboratory
20 Ocean Science Circle
Savannah, Georgia 31411-1011
Phone: 912-598-2348; Fax: 912-598-2399
[email protected]
For more information about additional shell drop off options or to call:
Savannah: 912-598-2348
Brunswick: 912-264-7323
Call to request a trailer for a large oyster roast ( >10 bushels).
Savannah Green Guide