Savannah-Chatham Sustainability Coalition

Friends of Earth Day​
Imagine flying through space at 70,000 miles per hour
while orbiting a moving comet.
That is exactly what this beautiful planet is doing.
And it is sustaining us.
We to need to reciprocate the courtesy and sustain it.
Treat the Earth as you would treat yourself.
It is the majestic home that we all share.
Let's make sure we leave it the way that we entered it.
Act with care and consideration while you are here.

Become a friend of Earth Day and help us preserve the essence that Earth Day is Everyday.
A Friend of Earth Day
Any Amount makes a Difference

Your donation helps Savannah Chatham Sustainable Coalition grow and expand the annual Earth Day Festival and inspire and educate the people in our communities to be good stewards of the Earth.
All donations made by April 17th will be included in a raffle drawing at 2019 Savannah Earth Day Festival in Daffin Park.   Every hour, 5 names will be drawn to receive gift certificates, t-shirts, festival vip passes and more prizes.

Recognition duringl festival announcements from the main stage

• Your name will entered in the raffle drawings for a chance to win all throughout the day.
• Your name will be posted on the SCSC website as a friend of Earth Day

Why become a Friend of Earth Day Savannah?

We would like to offer discounts/free admission  the over 50 non profits who attend the annual community event attended by over 7000 people.
Help share Earth Day message needs to promoted year round. 
SCSC is collaborating on yearly events and programs that share the message “Make Earth Day Every Day” with local businesses and groups.
Savannah Earth Day Festival is a community event which makes it YOUR EVENT!
If you would like to get involved,  please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]
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