Savannah-Chatham Sustainability Coalition

Preserving  the Future of Savannah  Chatham County

Every Day is Earth Day

Advocating Community Collaboration to promote Sustainability

Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition (SCSC) champions the integration of sustainability principles by raising awareness through the annual Earth Day Festival, connecting individuals and businesses with sustainable resources, and engaging citizens in specific environmental initiatives,
such as plastic pollution reduction and protecting our coast from offshore drilling.
The SCSC coordinates and produces the annual Earth Day Festival through education, outreach, and engagement all year long.

Earth Day Is Everyday

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  1. Earth Day Festival
    Each year in the Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition and our local community gather in a city park to become the nucleus of the city’s green initiatives. It is a is a celebration of environmentally responsible people and businesses in coastal Georgia. In 2019, Savannah Earth Day Festival will be set up beneath the majestic oaks of Daffin Park.
  2. Plastic Reduction Education
    Speaks for itself. Doing our best to get people to be responsible with recycling their plastic, but even more so, hoping to get industry to reduce the amount of plastic that they deliver to consumers.
  3. Sustainable Hospitality
    Putting forth efforts to expose local businesses to eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastics
  4. Networking Like Minded People
    We have met numerous people that have the same interests and who are working towards the same goals. SCSC is set on establishing a coalition so efforts can be united and become more fruitful.
  5. Clean Energy Interests
    Looking to generate alternatives to Energy resources.
  6. Educational Outreach
    SCSC will send a representative to speak about sustainability.